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User Interface

Flight Log's user interface is similar to the Windows file explorer. The main screen is broken up into two pains as shown below:


The left pain is a tree list of all the information accessible by the program. Each item in this tree list is referred to as a node. Each node can be expanded to reveal more specific information. The first top level node is called Containers. It contains all other root nodes. Below Containers are root nodes for specific types of data. There are 10 root nodes which are as follows:

Flight Log uses popup menus for most of its functionality. Right clicking on any node will bring up a menu for all available actions for that node.

The right pain is the Detail View and is used to display details on objects contained within the selected node. This data is in a tabular format. The first row contains headings which describe the data being displayed. These columns can be resize by dragging the column headers. Clicking on the column header will sort the data by that data field. You can also choose which columns you would like displayed by using the "Select Columns" menu item in the View menu. You may also choose to view the items in the Detail View as small icons, as a list, or as a detail report. The default is a report format but you may choose a different format using the items in the view menu shown below:


You can open the next level of an item in the Detail View by double clicking on it. If the object is the lowest level (ie it is not a container for other data) the properties sheet will be displayed for that object.

At the very bottom of the main window is a status bar. The contains the name of the currently loaded database.

The new button allows you to create new objects in the root nodes. If you press the new button while one of the root nodes is selected (Aircraft for example) a new object for that container will be created. Alternatively, you can click the drop down arrow on the new button. This will bring up the following menu:

New Button Menu

From this menu you can create any of the 10 main container objects.

The folder button with the up arrow is used to navigate back up the tree view. This is similar to view parent folders in the windows explorer.

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