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Adding New Batteries

To add a new battery right click on the Batteries container and select "Add Battery" from the popup menu. Alternatively you can select "Add Battery" from the New menu. This will bring up the "Add/Modify Battery" dialog box shown below.


You must enter a name for every battery you add. These names should be unique as you may have more than one battery of the same type. The Manufacturer and Model fields can be filled in with any information you would like.

You should also enter the date you acquired the battery in the Acquisition Date field. This is useful in tracking the age of the pack. You can also choose the store where you purchased the pack

The battery specification can now be entered such as the chemistry, cell count, voltage, and capacity. The cost of the pack can also be entered.

In the battery type group you can select whether this pack is a flight pack used for an electric aircraft. If you choose this option then the pack will be available to use as a flight pack when creating flight logs. If Flight Pack is selected then you may further restrict this batteries usage to be specific to a specific aircraft. If you do this then you can only use this flight pack for the aircraft selected. If you do not restrict the pack to a specific aircraft it is free to be used by any aircraft.

All other battery packs such as receiver batteries, transmitter batteries, field batteries etc should NOT have the Flight Pack option checked.

Click Save to create the new battery or Cancel to abort.

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