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Getting Started

To begin using Flight Log you must create a new database. This is done by using the File menu. You may create a blank document or load and existing one. The default directory for databases are in the Data directory located in the main program folder. When you first install and run flight log a sample database is loaded. It is recommended that you create a new database with a unique name. This will prevent your data from being overwritten by future updates of the program.

If you have updated the program to a newer version you may have to load your previous database. Simply click Open Database from the File menu and find the database you had previously created.

Once you have created a new database it is time to start entering data. For help on the various data type review the help section for each container.

The simplest steps you should follow are as follows

  1. Enter your aircraft
  2. Enter your accessories
  3. Install accessories in aircraft
  4. Create a pilot
  5. Create a flight field
  6. Start entering flight logs

If you plan to log hours or fuel consumption of accessories, it is important to install these on aircraft and select the history options BEFORE creating flight logs.