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Viewing Accessory History

If you have chosen to log hours or log fuel consumption for a particular accessory, you may view these history records by selecting the accessory node in the tree view. The detail view will show all the history records pertaining to that accessory. A sample list is shown below:


This sample shows when the accessory was created, when it was installed in an aircraft, and the subsequent usage information since installation.

Right clicking on a history record brings up the following menu.


These functions allow you to manipulate the history records. Care must be taken when doing this. This may be required if errors were found using the "Rebuild Accessory History" tool.

The "Properties" item is only available for Creation, Install, and Remove history records. When "Properties" is selected for a "Created" history record, the "Add/Modify Accessory" dialog is shown. The three items that effect this creation record are the accessories creation date, the initial hours, and initial fuel items.

When "Properties" is selected for an "Install" or "Remove" record the following dialog box is shown


from here you can change the type, the date, and the aircraft.

The "Insert Record" menu item brings up the dialog as above. This allows you to create a new record if you feel one is missing.

Use the "Delete" menu item to remove a history record.

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