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Battery Capacity Chart

The "Battery Capacity Chart" is shown below:


Select the battery you want to view chart for from the list.

This chart can show different aspects of a batteries performance over time.

First is Discharge capacity. Selecting this option will display the discharge capacity over time. Only capacity numbers from full cycles are used as these are considered to be discharge capacities of fully charged packs whereas partial cycles are capacity figures for partially discharged packs.

Second is peek battery voltage during charges. For this to be useful you should use the same current to charge your packs all the time. It may also be more useful to limit the results to the same charger.

Thirdly, you can show flight time for flight packs. This option is only available if a battery is selected that is a Flight Pack and not a Generic Pack.

The X-axis contains the dates each charge was carried out. The Y-axis is the capacity in mah or the flight time.

Press the Print button to print this chart or press Close to exit this tool.

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