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Export/Import Features

Flight Log has the ability to Export data to XML files which can them be Imported back in. You may want to do this for various reasons. For instance, you may sell a model to someone that also uses flight log. You could export this model from you database with all the history information. The buyer could then import this model into his own database. This way he would have a complete history of the model since it was brand new.

You may also lend a model to a friend, perhaps a trainer. After you loan out the model you have no way of tracking its flight history. With the export feature you could export the basic model to you friend. He could then keep track of his own flights. When he has finished with the model and returns it you can have him export all the flight history he has created. You can then import them back into your database so you do not loose any of them.

For more information look at the Export or Import functions.

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