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Exporting Aircraft

You may export an aircraft by selecting "Export Aircraft" from the file menu or from an aircraft's popup menu. When selected the export dialog box is displayed as shown below:


Under "Common Export Configurations" are four buttons for commonly used export functions. By default all objects are selected for export. Clicking on these button selects and de-selects certain items. You may change these as you see fit.

As can be seen you have control over every object that flight log records. Turning off some items may disable exporting of other items. For instance you can not export charge history if you do not export batteries.

For flight logs you may choose to export a summary of flights or a complete history. A "Log Summary" only export the total number of flights on the aircraft while "All Logs" will export every flight log recorded.

Similarly, accessories can be exported with a summary of their usage or complete with every history record on file.

Once you have selected the items you would like to export click the Export button. I save file requester ill pop up. Enter the name of the export file and click save.

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