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The Spare Parts Container

The Spare Parts Container contains a listing of all parts. This container is located in three locations. It is a root container, it is shown under store nodes, and is shown under aircraft nodes. The functionality is a little different for each of these containers. The container is broken into categories. The first category is "All Parts'. All other categories are created by you.

Right clicking on the Parts container or category containers will bring up the following menu


Selected the Parts container will result in the Detail View showing a summery of all your parts broken down by category. For the root Parts container the display shows the quantity of parts on hand and replacement cost. The replacement cost is calculated by multiplying the quantity of each part on hand in inventory by the last purchase price of that part.


Below is a view of the parts summary when selecting the Parts container in the Stores section. Here the On Hand field is replaced by one called Past Purchases. It no longer shows parts on hand but now shows the total number of parts purchased from this store. The cost of purchases is the sum of all costs for all purchases of parts from this store.

Below is a view of the parts summary when selecting the Parts container in the Aircraft section. Here the On Hand field is replaced by Total Used. Now it shows the total number of parts used on a particular model. The total cost is calculated by added the cost of the parts at the time they were installed on the model. This cost may change from purchase to purchase. Therefore, it will not be the quantity multiplied by the last cost, rather it is a sum of the costs as they were purchased and used.

Selecting a category node will result in the detail view showing a list of parts and their details as shown below. This is the same information for the Parts containers in all three sections.


Of interest on this screen is the OnHand column. This indicates how many parts you should have in inventory. Also shown is the last cost of that part, the last time it was purchased, the last store it was purchased at, and the last model a part of this type was installed in.

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