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Log Nodes

Under the session node are Log Nodes. Each node's text is the name model in that particular log. Selecting the properties for this node will bring up the "View/Modify Log" dialog box for this models flight.

Below this node is a battery usage node. If selected the Detail View will list all the relevant battery usage information for that flight session. It will list the time used for the models receiver battery if present. For electric models it will list all the flight packs used and there flight time. As sample is shown below:


Selecting any of the battery usage nodes will result in the Detail View listing all the charge information for that usage if available. Below is a sample.


This provide useful information on flight time from a particular charge and remaining charge in your batteries after a flight. This is only useful if you perform discharges from you batteries after a flight to determine how much capacity is left after a flight. It also may give you early warning of a pack failing if you notice you flight times decreasing,

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