Flight Log Readme File

Updated Aug 14 2005



1.0   Installation requirements

2.0   Installing the program files

3.0   Creating a new Database

4.0   Upgrading from previous version.

5.0   Understanding Version Numbers

6.0   Update History


1.0 Installation Requirement


Flight Log uses an Access 2000 database to store all its information. This requires the Microsoft Access 2000 JET 4 drivers. If you are running Office 97 or earlier versions you will have to update your JET drivers to the latest version. These drivers are included in the Microsoft MDAC 2.5 SP2 distribution and can be found on Microsoft web site at the following location:





2.0 Installing the program files


Run Setup.exe to launch the setup program. Install Flight Log in any directory you wish.



3.0 Creating a new Database


When first installed Flight Log opens a Sample database. It is suggested that you create a new database by selecting “New Database” from the “File” menu. This is to prevent your database from being over written if you re-install the program as the Sample.log database will be over written.



4.0 Upgrading from previous versions


It is always recommended that you backup your existing database before upgrading to a new version of FlightLog. The documentation below is cumulative. To determine the changes from a given version please read all notes from your version up to the latest release.


Upgrading from 1.0.1.xx  or earlier

In these versions the default database was called Log.mdb. You can open this database by selecting Open “Database” from the “File” menu and selecting this file. You will have to change the file filter to “All Files” as by default only .log files are listed. Alternatively, you may want to rename this file with a .log extension before opening it. This is the recommended technique. Flight log will always open the last database used.


Upgrading from 1.0.2.xx  

This latest version contains some added database structures. If you open a database from an earlier version of Flight Log you will be prompted to this fact and asked if you want the database updated. Selecting yes will allow the program to automatically update your database.


Upgrading from 1.0.4.xx  

This latest version contains some added database structures. If you open a database from an earlier version of Flight Log you will be prompted to this fact and asked if you want the database updated. Selecting yes will allow the program to automatically update your database.

This version does away with the four field maintenance check boxes. These were Tuned Engine, Radio Adjustments Made, Linkages Adjusted, and Plug Changed. This version replaces these with a selection list with which contains all the current maintenance procedures.


Along with this, field maintenance records are now stored in the maintenance section for each aircraft. When you update to this version of flight log, the program will search for all your previous field maintenances. It will create a new maintenance record for each one in the aircrafts field maintenance section. If you every checked off any of the four field maintenance options, they will be added to you procedures list. It only creates the ones that you have ever previously used. So if you have the Plug Changed check box is the only check box you have ever selected then only the Plug Changed procedure will be added.  You may see duplicate procedures if you created your own that were similar to the four check boxes from the earlier version. If you want to get rid of these duplicate procedures first filter the Logs container with the procedure that you want to delete. This will list all the flight logs where you performed that procedure. You may then edit all the logs and select a different procedure in place of the one you want to delete.


Upgrading from 1.0.5.xx  or 1.0.6.xx


Due to additions in the database for session sky, wind, temperature your database must be converted. Flight log will ask if you want the database updated. Selecting yes will allow the program to automatically update your database.


Upgrading from 1.5.0.xx


Stores have been added. The only place where store information was stored previously was for fuel purchases. When upgrading the program will go through all your fuel purchases and create a new store for each unique store you have specified. It will then link your old purchases to these new stores. Since you could type anything in for these stores you may see duplicates where you spelled the stores differently or used different case. You should go through the store node once this version is installed and review the stores that have been added. You may want to delete a few of them, but before you do this you should edit all the fuel purchased and select the correct store for the purchases that are linked to stores you want to delete. Once you have done this you can delete all the duplicate or incorrect stores.


5.0 Understanding Version Numbers


Starting with version the version number has the following structure




Changes to MajorRelease will indicate a major revision. I do not expect this to change very often. When the MajorRelease in incremented all other fields will be reset to zero. 


Changes to the DatabaseVersion will indicate a database structure change. The current database version is 4 so I am skipping 1 through 3. When the DatabaseVersion in incremented the MinorRelease will be reset to zero. 


Changes to the MinorRelease number will mean other additions without any database changes.


Changes to the BuildNumber are generally bug fixes with no new functionality added.



6.0 Update History


Aug 14, 2005

  • Implemented “Update Stored Image” menu item in the picture viewer form.


June 11, 2005

  • Increased size of cost sections in accessory reports so they display correctly
  • Fixed bug that caused Access List reports to include deleted accessories
  • Fixed bug that cause field maintenance notes to be updated incorrectly if modified in the models maintenance section


May 24, 2005

  • Fixed bug that caused access violations when rebuilding accessory history information
  • Fixed bug that caused exceptions when displaying battery usage information
  • Added functions to reset window caption and unload picture when new database loaded


May 20, 2005

  • Added ability to add pictures of models, accessories, pilots, transmitters, and parts to the database. A picture preview can now be displayed under the tree view that will show the picture of the selected node. This picture can be turned on and off by the view menu. Double clicking on a picture will bring up a picture viewer.
  • New picture viewer allows for simple manipulation of images. You can crop an image then update the image in the database or export it to a new file. Special feature of the viewer allow you to create proper bitmaps for the Futaba T14MZ transmitter
  • Added a model settings node under each model. Here you can add transmitter setting files from the Futaba 14MZ, JR Data Safe, or any other file you may have.  You select the transmitter the settings file is for and add a title and any notes. This is useful for people who have multiple transmitter settings or for anyone that wants to keep a backups with history of their model settings
  • Added Performance template system. You can now create a template for performance information and then create performance data based on these templates. As an example, you could create a template that would allow you to track the current draw and RPM of a given electric motor based on a particular prop, battery, and speed controller.
  • Added weight to batteries, accessories, and aircraft. Weight can be in grams or oz and selected by the options menu
  • Added Serial number entry for Aircraft, accessories, Transmitters, and tools.
  • Added splash screen which displays any overdue maintenance items. This feature can be turned off by the options menu
  • Rebuilding Accessory History can now be done for all accessories on a model, accessories in a particular category, a single accessory, or all accessories.
  • Changed the options form to allow configuration of new features. Added are
    • New default path for model settings
    • Ability to turn on the overdue maintenance splash screen
    • Settings for stored images (quality and maximum size)
  • Fixed bug that could cause fuel display type option to not save correctly
  • Fixed bug that prevented aircraft report to print properly when no accessories were installed on the model
  • Fixed accessory duplicate function. No longer keeps installed model for copy.


Nov 9, 2004

  • Added printing capabilities. Can now print any detail view. A print preview is first displayed. Here you can choose printer, orientation, and set margins.
  • Added default path selection for database directory, reports directory, and backup directory. These settings can be changed by the Options menu
  • Modified backup functionality to increment extension of backup name if file already exists. Program will no longer overwrite an existing backup.
  • Added “Duplicate” function for accessories to easily create multiple accessories of same type.
  • Added “Category” filter in Select Parts Form
  • Added “Add New Part” button in purchase form so you can add a new part while at the purchase screen
  • Added storage of view mode in detail  view so it will be retained on next program load
  • Fixed bug that improperly pulled up the wrong history type when double clicking on a log hours or log fuel history record. The proper flight log will now open instead.



Aug 7, 2004 version

  • Added Spare Parts Feature. You can create spare parts and assign categories to them. You can select where the parts are used and where they are purchased. You can indicate the minimum stock required so you can create a shopping list of items you need. I record of the last cost, the last purchase date, the last store where purchased, and the last model where it was used is continually updated.
  • Added Spare Parts Nodes. This node shows all parts in the system, how many you have on hand, and a complete history of purchases and consumption of those parts
  • Added Purchase Parts form. This allows you to create shopping list of items you require from a specific store or just order parts in general. This builds an inventory of spares
  • Added Part selection for maintenance logs. As your parts are consumed they are removed from inventory
  • Added Spare Part section to “Store” nodes. This give a complete purchase history of parts from a specific store
  • Added Spare Part section to “Aircraft” nodes. This give a complete use history of parts from a specific model
  • Added Shopping List report
  • Added “Purchase Spare Parts” item to tool menu
  • Added “Spare Parts” to “New” button
  • Added Parts categories to “Manage Category” tool
  • Added Parts to “Recover Deleted Items” tool
  • Added Part Filter modifier to easily change where multiple parts are used or purchased
  • Modified Maintenance log report to included spare parts used. Added option to enable or disable this feature
  • Fixed long time bug of Session Time not functioning
  • Fixed bug in Log filter on model type
  • Fixed sorting in Tool Node
  • Added order of charge history so charges on same date order in proper sequence
  • Updated help file with all recent changes


Aug 25 2003 version

  • Charge history now correctly orders by date
  • Delete function for tools now works.
  • Recover deleted items tool now includes “Tools”
  • Moved all Category editing functions to one tool called “Manage Categories”. This now includes tool categories.


May 22 2003 version

  • Fixed bug that randomly caused logs to be hidden


May 11 2003 version

  • Added flight attribute selection. Can now add you own attributes such as dead stick or and other value that you can later search for
  • Added more selection criteria for battery pack graphs
  • Fixed peek voltage graph
  • Fixed bug hat caused maintenance items to not be cleared when maintenance performed.


Mar 27 2003 version

  • Fixed bug that prevented batteries to be changed to flight packs. There may be other bugs due to this issue but the battery type was the only one noticed


Mar 16 2003 version

  • Added tools node. Can give tools special attributes for chargers.
  • Added categories for tools
  • Added tools sub nodes under store nodes
  • Add Charge now allows you to enter notes and choose battery chargers. Change charge type from slow, fast to trickle, peak, and re-peak.
  • Added ability to select pre and post charges for receiver battery packs and for each select flight pack when creating flight logs
  • Battery usage node now averages flight times for battery usage
  • Battery usage node now have sub-object which are the pre and post charge information for each usage record.
  • Flight log node now has sub nodes for battery usage information. These node also have sub nodes for pre and post charge information
  • Increased length of drop down boxes. Now do not have to scroll as far.
  • Added battery usage to log exports
  • Fixed right click in tree view. It now selects the node then brings up the popup menu
  • Fixed bug that may have caused flight time for electric aircraft to be calculated incorrectly



Dec 2002 version

  • Added option for displaying fuel in oz or ml
  • Fixed totals for batteries in main container view
  • Fixed right click in tree view. Now selects node before showing menu
  • Fixed bug that prevented stores from showing up in past fuel purchases
  • Changed the way currency and numbers are entered to reflect regional settings
  • Changed the way currency is displayed. Monetary symbol now displayed. Also conforms to regional settings
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes


Dec 13 2002 version

  • Maintenance procedures can now be specific to categories and model types
  • Added “Purchased From” to transmitters. Stores now have transmitters in their groups as well
  • Added Export function to export aircraft and other objects
  • Added Import function to import aircraft and other exported objects
  • Added Import Flight History function to import flight logs from a loaned out model
  • Fixed bug that seemed not to save the correct fuel when creating flight logs
  • Fixed bug that did not clear category when clearing log filters
  • Fixed bug that caused access violations when charging transmitter batteries in the transmitter node


October 1 2002 version

  • Fixed bug that treated all logs as electric when editing them.
  • Fixed tabbing on “Add/Modify Store” form


September 25 2002 version

  • Added Stores node.
  • Added store selection box for Accessories, Aircraft, Batteries, and Fuel
  • Added ability to delete flight sessions
  • Added ability to delete flight logs
  • Fixed bug that caused access violations during the tree view refresh
  • Increased timeout for online updates
  • Cleaned up tabbing and short cut keys on a few dialog boxes


August 22 2002 version

  • Added categories for aircraft. Can view aircraft grouped by category
  • Added category to log filter
  • Added categories for accessories. Can view accessories grouped by category
  • Added category to accessory list report
  • Model types now user definable. You may add your own types
  • Added tools to modify categories and model types
  • Added check box for flight packs for batteries. Can restrict flight packs to specific aircraft
  • Added check box for electric power for models
  • Batteries now broken down into two sub groups. Flight packs and Generic packs.
  • Adding flight logs now modified for better support of electrics. Can specify which flight pack was used for each flight and how long each pack lasted.
  • For flight pack battery types can now see a usage history. i.e. how long the pack lasted on various flights.
  • Added Charge capacity (the capacity added during charges a opposed to capacity during discharge) and peek voltage for battery charges
  • Battery chart now has ability to view peek voltage and flight times (for flight packs only)
  • Fixed bug in text search for maintenance log filter


July 19 2002 version

  • Fixed bug which prevented the recover tool from functioning
  • Fixed bug that showed deleted procedures in maintenance, log filter, and log report option forms


July 13 2002 version

  • Added battery capacity chart. Shows the total capacity for full cycles over time
  • Added Sky Conditions, Wind, and Temperature to session data.
  • Added transmitter Container. Allows you to enter transmitter information.
  • Added Channels to aircraft
  • Added ability to re-create or delete history records for an accessory if it was moved and there are flight logs for that accessories after the move date
  • Added tool to recreate all history records. See help file before using!!!
  • Added ability to modify/add install and uninstall history records
  • Added ability to set an accessory initial operating hours and fuel consumption
  • Added ability to set an aircraft initial number of flights. This was also added to the Flights container for the aircraft
  • Added “Installed in” column in used accessory list. Shows current aircraft for accessory
  • Added “Last Performed” column in Maintenance Schedule detail view
  • Added “Type” column to maintenance log detail view
  • Added ability to delete maintenance logs. (does not include field maintenance)
  • Added online update menu item in help menu
  • Added backup database menu item in file menu
  • Added support menu item in help menu
  • Added alt keys to all dialog boxes
  • Fixed tab order on all dialog boxes
  • Fixed refresh of prices and quantities at top level container when changes are made to any item
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes


June 15 2002 version

  • Added total cost to the “Containers” node detail view. Can now see total expenditure.
  • New updated help file with all features included
  • Fixed spelling of Maintenance Log node
  • Fixed bug in log filter that showed deleted procedures
  • Removed duplicate “Add Maintenance Log” from popup menus
  • Fixed bug that caused crash when using the exit menu item.
  • Fixed other spelling errors


June 5 2002 version

  • Added tool to manage procedures in tools menu
  • Added model type to log filters
  • Fixed bug in accessory deletion function


June 3 2002 version

  • Added Maintenance Log reports
  • Added Accessory reports
  • Added overdue maintenance item reports
  • Changed the way field maintenance items are handled. Now can select from the procedures list in field maintenance
  • Added ability to filter logs by field maintenance procedures
  • Fixed bug that caused fault when creating a new accessory in the Add/Modify aircraft dialog when creating a new aircraft
  • Fixed bug in Aircraft Details report which prevented accessories to be printed if they did not have and history records attached to them


May 8 2002 version

  • Fixed bug in log filter.
  • Added Reports for Log Book
  • Added Reports for Aircraft Details
  • Install Accessory dialog now comes up with correct date
  • Aircraft view now shows receiver battery name


Nov 18 2001 version

  • Fixed bug which prevented maintenance logs from being displayed if no procedures were performed.


Nov 11 2001 version

·        Added ability to delete certain items in the database

·        Added a recovery tool to recover deleted items

·        Add Maintenance Logs and Maintenance Schedules

·        Fixed bug that caused access violation if user double clicked in the accessory list for an aircraft in the Add/Modify aircraft dialog when there were no accessories listed.

·        Purchase properties are now loaded in dialog properly.

·        Charge Date now loaded properly when editing a charge

·        Fixed path display for unused accessories.

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Batteries are added or modified

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Charges are added or modified

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Fuels are added or modified

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Fuel Purchases are added or modified

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Fields are added or modified

·        Added refreshing of tree view when Flight Sessions and Logs are added or modified


Oct 21 2001 version

  • Added status bar which displays currently opened database
  • Fix bug which prevented program from closing
  • Added Total Flight time to log display screens
  • Added refreshing of tree view when Accessories are added, modified, or moved
  • Added refreshing of tree view when Aircraft are modified.


Sept 20 2001 version

  • Changed database access to ADO. This makes the ODBC connection as in previous version unnecessary.
  • Added the ability to create new empty databases from the file menu
  • Added the ability to open different databases from the file menu
  • Nodes in the tree view now show pluses beside the node if there are sub nodes below them. In previous version the node had to be selected before the plus would be displayed.


Sept 4 2001 version

  • Changing a flight session date now changes the date on all history for that flight session.
  • Accessory views now display unit and total costs.
  • Fuel purchases view now shows both unit and total costs.
  • Fuel purchases view now shows totals of all purchases and total cost for a given fuel type.