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Postby slammers » Sun Nov 11, 2001 1:39 pm

I have posted a new version of Flight Log. There are two key feature additions

The first enhancement is that you are now able to delete items from the database. Because of the way Flight Log generates history records I have implemented deletion of records in a matter which does not actually delete the data. It simply hides it from view. If you delete an aircraft for instance it will no longer show up in the aircraft section. However, if you look in the flight logs section, any flight logs for that aircraft will still show up. If you try and edit the flight log, the aircraft selector will simply say ?Deleted Aircraft?.

Because of this implementation, it is also possible to recover deleted items. I have added a menu item in the Tools menu called ?Recover Deleted Item?. Using this tool you can recover items you may have inadvertently deleted.

The second enhancement is the addition of maintenance logs and schedules. Each aircraft node will now contain a new node called Maintenance. The first node under this node is called Maintenance Schedule. You may select properties for this node to modify the maintenance schedule for this aircraft. To modify the maintenance schedule you simply select routine maintenance procedures from the provided list. Initially this list will be empty. You add procedures to the list be selecting ?Add New?.

When adding new procedures they may be specific to this aircraft or global. If they are global they will show up in the procedures list for all aircraft. If they are aircraft specific they will only show up for this aircraft.

Once you have selected a procedure you must indicate how often this procedure is to be performed. You can enter and specific number of flights or a specific number of days.

Once you have entered all the information, selecting the maintenance schedule node will display the schedule in the Detail view. This information will tell you if any items are overdue or how long it is until the next time a procedure should be performed.

Under the maintenance schedule node will be a list of maintenance logs, the name of which will be the date that they were performed. When you create a maintenance log you may enter specific notes on what you performed. You can also select a procedure or create a new procedure for the drop down list. If you select a procedure that is contained in you maintenance schedule, this schedule will be reset.

I hope you find this useful. I will be working on the help file to include all these new features.

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