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New Version Released

Postby slammers » Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:41 pm

A new version of Flight Log has been released. This version adds a new feature called spare parts. The additions are as follows:

Aug 7, 2004 version
* Added Spare Parts Feature. You can create spare parts and assign categories to them. You can select where the parts are used and where they are purchased. You can indicate the minimum stock required so you can create a shopping list of items you need. I record of the last cost, the last purchase date, the last store where purchased, and the last model where it was used is continually updated.
* Added Spare Parts Nodes. This node shows all parts in the system, how many you have on hand, and a complete history of purchases and consumption of those parts
* Added Purchase Parts form. This allows you to create shopping list of items you require from a specific store or just order parts in general. This builds an inventory of spares
* Added Part selection for maintenance logs. As your parts are consumed they are removed from inventory
* Added Spare Part section to “Store” nodes. This give a complete purchase history of parts from a specific store
* Added Spare Part section to “Aircraft” nodes. This give a complete use history of parts from a specific model
* Added Shopping List report
* Added “Purchase Spare Parts” item to tool menu
* Added “Spare Parts” to “New” button
* Added Parts categories to “Manage Category” tool
* Added Parts to “Recover Deleted Items” tool
* Added Part Filter modifier to easily change where multiple parts are used or purchased
* Modified Maintenance log report to included spare parts used. Added option to enable or disable this feature
* Fixed long time bug of Session Time not functioning
* Fixed bug in Log filter on model type
* Fixed sorting in Tool Node
* Added order of charge history so charges on same date order in proper sequence
* Updated help file with all recent changes

It can be downloaded at the usual place

FlightLog V1.10.3.151

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