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New Version Released

Postby slammers » Tue Nov 09, 2004 7:08 pm

Included in this version are

• Added printing capabilities. Can now print any detail view. A print preview is first displayed. Here you can choose printer, orientation, and set margins.

• Added default path selection for database directory, reports directory, and backup directory. These settings can be changed by the Options menu

• Modified backup functionality to increment extension of backup name if file already exists. Program will no longer overwrite an existing backup.

• Added “Duplicate” function for accessories to easily create multiple accessories of same type.

• Added “Category” filter in Select Parts Form

• Added “Add New Part” button in purchase form so you can add a new part while at the purchase screen

• Added storage of view mode in detail view so it will be retained on next program load

• Fixed bug that improperly pulled up the wrong history type when double clicking on a log hours or log fuel history record. The proper flight log will now open instead.

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