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Beta Testers Wanted

Postby slammers » Tue May 24, 2005 1:02 pm

I have added some new features to Flight Log and am interested in some beta testers before I release it to the general public. Some features I added are

1. You can now add pictures of models, accessories, parts, and transmitters. When any of these nodes is selected its thumbnail will be displayed under the tree view. Double clicking on the picture brings up the full size version of the picture.

There is a simple image manipulation functionality that lets you size and scale the images. There is a special mode to create bitmaps for the Futaba 14MZ radio that generates the bitmap in the correct size and proportions.

2. You can now save transmitter settings for each model. If you have 1 Futaba 14MZ or a JR Data safe you can add the transmitter settings files these devices generate within flight log. This is a great way to backup you programming for security or for maintaining multiple versions of settings for different situations (contest vs sport or drag racing )

3. A performance template system was implemented. If you do a lot of experimenting with batteries, propellers, rotor blades etc, you can create performance templates and use this system to track performance information. For example, for electric planes you may want to track current used by an electric motor for different prop and battery combinations.

I have also made extensive internal changes that are not visible. This is the main reason I would like some people to help test this version to make sure things are not broken.

If you are interested place send me an email or PM and I will send a beta copy out to you.

Thanks for your support.

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