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Postby slammers » Thu Sep 20, 2001 9:42 pm

I have released a new version of flight log, version This version uses ADO to access the database, which means the ODBC drivers are no longer required. With this also makes it possible to easily open multiple databases.

The file menu now contains two new items. One is New Database for creating a blank database. The other item is Open Database for opening specific databases. The program remembers the last database used so opening the current database when the program is run is not required.

You may want to have multiple databases if you have more than one pilot using Flight Log. However, I do not recommend not doing this. Sharing a common database and using multiple pilots allows you to track cumulative flights on aircraft. For example, my wife flies a Hawk helicopter and also fly it from time to time. Using a common database allows me to track the total number of flights on the machine by using the flight node under this aircraft. I can now set a filter and view only the flights by a specific pilot. This is much more useful information than having these flights in separate databases.

If you upgrade to this version you must use the Open Database command to open the log.mdb file. If you renamed this file like suggested in these forums then you must open that file. I now recommend renaming the file with a .log extension as that is what the file requester defaults to.

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