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Please comment on these new EFLight additions

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2002 3:51 pm
by slammers
I have tried to add some more functionality for electric flight. I have added an option to the "Add Battery Form" to indicate whether the battery pack is a flight pack or a generic pack. The new form looks like this


As you can see in this form you can indicate that the pack is a flight pack. You can also tell it that this flight pack is restricted for use for a specific aircraft.

I have changed the tree structure for batteries as follows:


Here you can see that there is now two groups. Flight Packs and Generic packs. Under flight packs there is a new catagory called usage. This allows you to see all the individual flight times for that battery.

These flight times are added when adding flight logs. There is a new option in the aircraft form to indicate whether the aircraft is electric or not. If the aircraft is electric then the flight log form changes to the following.


Here flights and flight time are disabled and you must add each flight and indicate which battery you used. You also indicate how much flight time you got from the battery. Only Flight Packs are shown in the list of batteries. The battery list shows the batteries that are associated with that aircraft and all flight packs that are not restricted to a single aircraft.

I have also modified the capacity chart to be able to view your flight times over time as seen below:


I am interested in any comments on this. Is it enough. Is there other information you would like added as well?


PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 3:40 pm
by mhaas2
I like what I see. Question. Instead of flight packs being all inclusive or restrited to one aircraft, how about a drop down box with all electric aircraft and you select the correct airplane(s). Some flight packs may fit multiple models but not all, others may only fit just one.

Am also wondering if some other name wold be better than Generic Packs. Reciever Packs? and Transmitter Packs?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 3:45 pm
by slammers
If you do not restrict a pack to an aircraft then is can be used for any aircraft. So if a flight pack can fit multiple models just do not restrict it to a particular aircraft.

Doing it this way was easier than allowing you to select a list of models for a given pack.

As for the Generic Packs, you are right its a bad name but I could not think of anything else. I did not want to create a group for reciever and transmitters. If I did then I would need another one for other things like possibly glow drivers, field box batteries, onboard lighting systems.

If you can think of a better name I would be glad to use it :)