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New Version Released

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 8:18 am
by slammers
A new version has been released. The following additions have been made

* Added categories for aircraft. Can view aircraft grouped by category
* Added category to log filter
* Added categories for accessories. Can view accessories grouped by category
* Added category to accessory list report
* Model types now user definable. You may add your own types
* Added tools to modify categories and model types
* Added check box for flight packs for batteries. Can restrict flight packs to specific aircraft
* Added check box for electric power for models
* Batteries now broken down into two sub groups. Flight packs and Generic packs.
* Adding flight logs now modified for better support of electrics. Can specify which flight pack was used for each flight and how long each pack lasted.
* For flight pack battery types can now see a usage history. i.e. how long the pack lasted on various flights.
* Added Charge capacity (the capacity added during charges a opposed to capacity during discharge) and peek voltage for battery charges
* Battery chart now has ability to view peek voltage and flight times (for flight packs only)
* Fixed bug in text search for maintenance log filter

I have not had time to update the help file as yet. I will work on this shortly.