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New Version Released

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 5:41 pm
by slammers
I have released a new version of FlightLog. I did not get too many beta testers so I figured I may as well release this version. I have been using it for a couple months without any issues. Some of the new features are:

? Added tools node. Can give tools special attributes for chargers.
? Added categories for tools
? Added tools sub nodes under store nodes
? Add Charge now allows you to enter notes and choose battery chargers. Change charge type from slow, fast to trickle, peak, and re-peak.
? Added ability to select pre and post charges for receiver battery packs and for each select flight pack when creating flight logs
? Battery usage node now averages flight times for battery usage
? Battery usage node now have sub-object which are the pre and post charge information for each usage record.
? Flight log node now has sub nodes for battery usage information. These node also have sub nodes for pre and post charge information
? Increased length of drop down boxes. Now do not have to scroll as far.
? Added battery usage to log exports
? Fixed right click in tree view. It now selects the node then brings up the popup menu
? Fixed bug that may have caused flight time for electric aircraft to be calculated incorrectly