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New Version Released

Postby slammers » Mon May 12, 2003 9:49 am

A new version has been released.

You can now create attributes to assign to any flight. For instance you can create an attribute called "Dead Stick Landing" and then attach it to a log. You can then search through the logs for these attributes. To use this affectively you may need to create individual logs for each flight instead of creating a single log for a set of flights.

The battery peek voltage graph was not working in the last version and has been fixed. Peek voltage is very dependant on charge rate so I also added the ability to select the charge rate when displaying this graph. Once you select peek voltage a list box is filled in with all the charge rates used on that pack. You can then select any of these rates and the graph will change to only include these charges. In the same way I also added a charger list so you can view the peek voltage of charges made by a particular charger.

Similar to above, the flight time graph has a list box to select a particular aircraft. In cases where you used the same flight pack in multiple aircraft you can now graph the flight time of a pack for a particular model.

I also fixed a bug that prevented maintenance procedures from being cleared after maintenance records were created.

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