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Postby slammers » Sun Oct 21, 2001 12:37 pm

I have put a new version of flight log on the main web site. In this version I have tried to implement some better refreshing abilities into the system.

In the last version, if you added accessories or modified accessories the changes did not show up in the other containers unless you selected the container and use the refresh command or reload the program. I have started implementing code that searches through all the containers and refreshes the data as is required.

In this version, adding, moving, removing, or modifying accessories should show these changes in all nodes.

Modifying the names of Aircraft should also be reflected in all other nodes.

I will be working on other refresh issues shortly.

I have added total flight time to all the log screens as requested by gnichola.

I have also fixed a bug that caused the program to create Access Violation errors while exiting, which prevented it from closing. If anyone continues to receive this error and knows away to reproduce it consistently I would very much like to know how.

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