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Assistance Needed

Postby John Boughton » Mon Jul 07, 2003 12:10 am

I have downloaded and installed the Log Book program. It looks great, but I could use some assistance in using it. Are there any instructions on it's proper use available? I am struggling to use it correctly or edit any information. One thing to keep in mind, computers did not exist when I went to school. I had to use a slide rule!

Its like a novice owning a plane and not being able to find an instructor :( I don't want to crash and burn on the first flight. :wink:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as I would like to use the program correctly.
L E Slats
John Boughton
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Postby slammers » Mon Jul 07, 2003 12:58 pm

There is a help file that came with the program. It is a little out of date unfortunately as I have added new features but have not had time to update the help file.

The common series of events is to

1. Add an aircraft. Click the little arrow beside the "New" button and select Aircraft. Fill out all the information you want. The only thing required is the name. Everything else is optional.

2. Add accessories. If you want to add accessories. You can add to the aircraft you just created by clicking the "Add Accessory" button at the bottom of the Aircraft form. Each time you press this button you can add one accessory. Again, with accessories, only the name is required everything else is optional. I would recommend you select the log hours for most accessories and log fuel for engines.

3. Create a flying field. As with Aircrafts click the arrow beside the new button and select "Field". You can not create flight logs unless you have created a Field first.

4. Create flight logs. Logs are created in two parts. First you create a session which is a trip to you flying field. Click the arrow beside the new button and select "Flight". Select the field from the list. Choose the date which you went to the field. You can enter any information on the weather and such but it is not required.

You the click the "Add Flight Log" button. On this form you select the aircraft you flew and the number of flights you had. Everything else is optional. If you flew more than one aircraft you can push the "Add Flight Log" button for each model you flew that day.

This is a sample as it gets. You can also add batteries, fuel, pilots, tools, charge history. You can create maintenance notes and schedules. A look through the help file should be enough to familiarize yourself with all these aspects.

To access the help file simply click the Help menu and select "Contents"

If you have any specific question please to not hesitate to post them here.

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