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Printing Reports

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 12:17 am
by Bearav8or
I'm having a problem with trying to print out "Aircraft Report". On the preview page, all I get is the date, and header, with part of the aircraft I've selected. No accessories are shown on the preview page, nor do they go to the printer.

Secondly, on the "Aircraft Log Book", using the HP laser printer, the first half or so of the first column is missing as the margin is set to far to the left. I've found no place to set the margins, so the document is actually 'centered' on the page. It would be nice to have a left margin so the log book could be printed out and put in a binder.

Any suggestions would be beneficial. BTW: I've downloaded the program several times now and re-installed it several times. Same results.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:09 am
by Bearav8or
I've figured out the "Accessory" problem. It was where I was adding the items. The data base wouldn't pick up the items to list them with the aircraft printout unless entered directly on the specific aircraft page.

Next question, how do you empty the accessory list. My playing around now has the same 2 items listed several times. I've deleted all the accessories, except for the entry in the specific aircraft, and I still get a 'preview' of about 6 extra listings for each of the 2 items.

Any help would be beneficial.

Thanks in advance


PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 6:25 pm
by slammers
The problem is probably the way you have entered the data. When you enter accessories into Flight Log, they get added to the database but they are not associated with any aircraft (unless you enter them in the aircraft properties page). As you install the accessories you will notice that they are added to the

?All Unused Accessories?

container. This tells you they are not installed in any aircraft. To associate an accessory with an aircraft you must install it. To do this you right click on the accessory and select the ?Install? menu item. You can now select which aircraft the accessory is installed in. After you install the accessory into a model it will move from the unused accessory group to the used accessory group.

This step is important as you when you create flight records for an aircraft, history will be created for every accessory installed in the model. (this is if you have enabled the Log Hours or Log Fuel options for that particular accessory).

You can move accessories to other aircraft and all the history is maintained. This allows you to look at any given accessory and determine where it was used throughout its life.

Now, you are probably seeing multiple accessories in the reports even after deleting them because you never removed them from the aircraft. This is a bit of a bug as I should not allow deletion of an accessory while it is installed in a model.

I would use the undelete utility to recover all the accessories you deleted. Now open the aircraft's node and double click on the accessory node for that model. Now you will see a list of all accessories installed in that model. Now right click on the ones you want to delete and select the ?Remove/Move? menu item. Remove all the unwanted accessories from the aircraft. Now go to the ?All Unused Accessories? container and delete the accessories you do not want.

Hope this helps.