Hello.. a few bugs and a few requests....

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Hello.. a few bugs and a few requests....

Postby wjvail » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:07 am

Hello Shawn,

It's been a while since I've written but can tell you I'm using you software daily....

Can I report a few bugs?

--- Although I've added my transmitter several times it still doesn't show up. I will "add new", fill out the info and the TX container is still empty.

--- I have a JR VoyagerE that I have dedicated 4 battery packs too. When I'm entering a flight for the VE the software remembers that it's an Electric aircraft but does not remember the batteries. I have to add them each time.

--- This is a feature request... I often see folks selling things and will list the number of flight on an item. I heard Jason Krause (sp?) say he only gets about 200 flight out of gyro servo. With your software I can tell you how many hours and how much fuel I've got through mine, and with effort, can count the flights; but, I'd like to request a total flights column. I can tell you that the engine in my Raptor .30 has about 22.5 hours and 7.30 gallons through it but not how many flights.

--- Another feature request... I don't think you would be asking too much if you solicited a donation for your software and hard work. I have often sent folks $10.00 for software I don't use nearly as much.... Put it under the "help" section... "if you like and use this software a small donation would help keep it's developement going..." Link to PayPal...

Thanks for the great software,

Bill Vail
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