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Use of the Maintenance Feature

Postby tittelba » Wed May 22, 2002 5:51 pm

Since you've implemented the reports feature I've completely switched over from my Excel log to Flight Log. Great program. The problem I'm having is that I don't understand how to use the Maintenance feature or how to print a report of it (I didn't find any info the help section either). There are a number of days where I'll work on a heli model but never fly so I don't want to use the flight log for this type of info. but I don't know exactly how to use the maintenance feature and be able to view ALL the maintance performed on a model.

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Postby slammers » Thu May 23, 2002 10:07 am

I am glad you like the program.

The help file has not been updated in a long long time. Its so tedious to do that have kept putting it off. I will have to get back to that soon. The maintenance section was added after my last help file update so that is why you could not find any info on it.

In any case, you can add maintenance log by right clicking on the aircraft and selecting ?Add Maintenance Log?. If you right click on the Maintenance Schedule and click properties you can create scheduled maintenance procedures. In both dialogs you can add new maintenance procedures. You should create these so you can search on them at a later date. The program will then track how long you have until a particular maintenance procedure must be performed.

As for printing all the maintenance items for a particular aircraft, that is one report I am currently working on. I have just started on the reports section of the program. I really need feedback from users on what they would like to see in this regard.

The other issue I have is the ?field? maintenance logs. These are currently completely separate from the maintenance logs. I would like to integrate these at some time but this may effect some users. I want to get rid of the four check boxes (tuned engine, radio adjustments, linkages adjusted, and plug changed) and show a list of the maintenance procedures the user has added. These will be the same items that are shown in the maintenance logs. Adding a field maintenance report in the Add/Modify Log Dialog would then create a new maintenance log. This would tie them together better.

Any comments???

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