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Additions for Electric Flyers

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 5:10 pm
by All_talk
Hello Shawn

I don?t know how much electric flying you do (I did notice you have a Logo 20), but here?s a suggestion that would benefit those of us who fly electric? It would be nice to associate a specific flight pack charge with a specific flight. Its very useful for E-flyers to associate performance/flight characteristics and flight time with a given charge so that we can evaluate the effects of charging parameters like temp, rate and cycle type. It would also be nice to note which charger was used.


P.S. I noticed you were somewhat disappointed with the performance of your Logo 20, if your looking for info on the best Logo setups or E-flight in general go to

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 6:08 pm
by slammers
I wonder what a good way to do that would be. I would like this ability for my receiver batteries in my glow models. I always discharge my receivers after a flight session and record the capacity remaining. I would really like a way of knowing how many flights were on the pack before I discharged it. That way I could start building statistics on the capacity used per flight.

The trouble is finding a way to do this that is not overly complicated for the user. I guess it could be as simply as having a selection for preflight and post flight charges. Click on preflight charge and you can select the charge record just before your flight. Similarly for post flight. For e flights you could do it for each flight pack as well.

Hmm, this may work. maybe on the main flight log screen you can choose pre and post flight charges for the receiver. Then if an electric model is flown you can select these pre and post charges for each flight pack used.

What do you think?

It also sounds like you would like more information recorded about battery charges. Perhaps you could make a list of things you feel are missing. The charger is a good one!

As for the Logo, I was quite disappointed. I purchased the setup that everyone said was the best (I read a lot on ezone before I purchased it) but the power was not what everyone said it would be. I had to try it. I have never had much luck with electrics. I am just too used the power of glow. After flying my Fury Extreme there is no way I could go fly my electric anymore. I think they make you a better pilot as you must learn energy conservation. But right now my flying style is pretty aggressive 3D. The Logo was just no fun :(

I actually traded it for another Fury :)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2003 4:47 pm
by All_talk
I think that it could work within the existing layout... in the Add/Modify Log box, under Flight Pack Usage (possibly renamed ?Battery Usage? to include RX packs), you would select a ?Charge? that was previously entered, if no charges were entered you could just select a battery as it is now, this could be use for flight packs, RX packs or both, and I suppose even TX pack could be included. There should also be a way to mark a charge as depleted so that only current charges would be available to choose from. What I?m looking for in the end is when looking at a specific flight I?d like to see the charge (or charges with the RX and TX packs included) that provided that flight. Typically in E-flight one charge = one flight, but with the new battery technology like LiPoly you can get multiple flights form one flight pack charge.

As far as additional charge information, first I?d like to suggest a change in the Add/Modify box, I think the Charge Type (fast/slow) is a bit redundant when recording the Charge Rate. Instead I?d like to see the Charge Type list expanded to include:

Full Peak Charge (this is the typical charge for depleted flight packs)

Re-peak (charges that are hours old are often re-peaked just before flight, the Top Up options could cover this)

Trickle Charge

Along with noting the charger used a space for general comments to recording things like air or battery temperature or interrupted charge (I don?t like to leave the charger running when I leave the house), might be useful.


P.S. With the type of flying your doing I can see that a E-heli could lack something, for me it?s a perfect fix, this time of year I wouldn?t get much flying time if it weren?t for my little Eco 8... You cant beat side in hovering practice in your driveway under the lights at 9:00PM. :D

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 5:08 pm
by All_talk
I just thought of something else to record about charges... Location, sometimes its nice to know weather the batteries were charge at home or the field, though this could probably be noted in the Comments area.