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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2001 7:28 pm
by frankthill
I've started getting into your program and have tried to edit a size of fuel tank for an engine to better figure actual fuel used. After editing and refreshing, it is still usng the old size fuel tank to figure total fuel used/flying session. What am I doing wrong. Also I added an engine to another plane, and it is not keeping a running total of time and fuel used? How do I go back and view an individual flying session to check on what repairs I've made? Cool program by the way, I've been using a notebook for years. Your's is a much needed improvement!! TIA Frank Thill

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 9:15 am
by slammers
If you change the size of the fuel tank it will use the new size to calculate the fuel used per flying session. But it will only use this new size on sessions after you changed the size. None of the prior history will we changed.

Think of it this way, if you flew your machine for a year and then added a bigger tank you would not want all the old history to be modified as your flights during that time had a smaller tank.

The only way to fool the system is to do the following:

1. Create a new aircraft

2. edit every flight log for that aircraft you want modified and change the aircraft to this new aircraft.

3. Click Save. This will delete the history for that log.

4. Edit the flight log again and select the original aircraft

5. Click Save. This will recreate the history with the new fuel tank size.

As for logging fuel, there are two check boxes on the property sheet for each accessory. One is for logging hours and the other for logging fuel consumption. You need to check these off accordingly. But again, if you created some flight sessions with the logging functions disabled and then enabled the logging, only NEW flight logs would add logging records for those accessories. If you want to add accessory history for all your old flight sessions you must also perform the procedure above.

This system can not go back in time to determine what accessories were installed to it can not automatically change old history when modifying logging functions. Here is another example why. If you flew for a year and then added a governor and enabled logging, you would not want all the old history records to include this newly added accessory.

There probably are ways to do exactly this but it would make the program far to complicated. This is why it is important when adding new aircraft to add all the accessories and set all the logging options BEFORE adding any flight sessions for that aircraft.

I know it is somewhat of a pain. I have run into the same hassle myself where I forgot to add some accessory so I am missing history data for it.

Checking for repairs:

Currently you can set filters for flight sessions. These filter are rudimentary. You can select which of the maintenance options you want to filter on and then only flight sessions with those options would be included. For instance you can check the ?Plug Changed? box to view only the flying sessions where you changed a glow plug. If you did this under the Log container it would show all logs for all aircraft where you changed the plug. If you do it under the aircraft container it will only show logs where you changed the glow plug for that particular aircraft.

I intend on adding many more search features. This was the main reason for writing the program. To search for historical data and print statistics. Currently only the frame work has been written so we can get the information in to a database. Now I can start working on making a very useful tool. I Hope :wink:


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 5:42 pm
by frankthill
Shawn, thanks for the clarification. I have a 24 oz in a Giant Stinger. It is only using 15 oz. for a 15 min. flight, but the program uses the whole 24 oz for the flight time listed. I guess you have to kind of fool the program and just enter the fuel tank size as the amout of fuel you will burn in a flight, not the actual size of the tank. Thanks again, I'll keep playing with it. :smile: Frank

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 6:05 pm
by slammers
When calculating hours the program use the flight time you enter. When you fill in the number of flights it calculates the flight time based on the default setting for the aircraft. This can be overwritten and if it is then this time is used.

However, the fuel consumption does not work the same way. The fuel used is always the number of flights multiplied by the tank size.

I should probably change this to the calculation as follows:

fuel used = ((entered flight time) / (default Flight time)) * Tank Size

this would get a more accurate figure for fuel consumption if the flight time was changed from the calculated value.


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 6:31 pm
by frankthill
I just wasn't aware that it would use the whole tank size for fuel consumed/flight. Duuuuu, it has to come up with a number from somewhere doesn't it?