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Discus Launched Gliders

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2005 2:46 am
by aeajr
I recently got interested in discuss launched gliders, DLGs.
If you have never seen a discus launched glider, this link has a page that explains the launch method.
Many of the models I list below have videos of them being launched and flown.

Here is what got my interest. During a recent Eastern Soaring League sailplane
contest that was hosted at our field, all these fantastic contest pilots grabbed a hot dog for lunch. Next
thing you know the sky is filled with HLGs and DLGs There must have been
10-12 of them in the air at any given time among 32 pilots. Boy they looked
like fun.

Then they started showing up at our club field. There are a couple of DLGs and a
couple of HLGs being tossed around each week. Again, they look like fun!

Here are the planes I have looked at. I ordered the Boomer which has recently
been taken over by Mountain Models.

Some have video links on their pages
Seem to have a very high fun factor to them
Most don't have a peg

Boomer DLG flying wing - purchased this one - $60
Reported to thermal pretty well, easy transport in car, good for light slope
lift Product has been taken over by Mountian Models
This is a product review - be sure to watch the video

Red Herring - DLG Flying wing
Very light wing loading

Alula - DLG Flying Wing $45
interesting foward swept wing design
Review - Starts on Page 24

- Some have video links on their pages
- One is a RTF plane

Mountain Models DL50 - $70-kit
This will probably be my next one

The Gambler+ = $70 - Kit

The Seeker - $79 kit - smaller than the ones above
This one breaks down for easy transport

NSP Calysto $139 - ARF

The Spinner - An EPP DLG - heavier than the others in the group

avenger - $275

This comes all built including all electronics on your channel of
choice. You add the radio and go! They also sell radios to go with it if you like


NSP Huron - ARF $128

NSP Apache - ARF $139

HobbyClub Salsa (aka Salmoe) $179

Art Hobby Bobolink $91 Kit

ArtHobby Hyper DL $131 Kit

The Spinner XT - An EPP DLG - R/E/A
Primarily if I wanted a slope plane that was also a DLG
Wing loading is a bit high.

Take a looks at these fun planes. You might find yourself drawn the the allure of silent flight. :P