Starting out with RTF planes - A good starting place


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Starting out with RTF planes - A good starting place

Postby aeajr » Sat Aug 09, 2003 4:59 pm

I started flying in March. I had no interest in build models, so I went
the R-T-F, ready to fly, route. I think this is such a great way to get started.

I thought I would share my experience so others might benefit.

I am a first timer. However I am also one of these guys that goes into intense
research when I get interested in something. After several months of research,
talking to people, flyers and non, I bought an Aerobird. It is a super value
and very easy to fly.


Very inexpensive and rugged for a three channel starter - $130-$160
The plane comes complete and fully assembled. Charge the flight battery, put
on the wing, put the batteries in the transmitter and up you go! Even the
batteries for the transmitter are included.

New flyers like me are going to crash, especially if you are teaching yourself
to fly. You don't want something that will be costly to fix. The plane is
very rugged, but there is a full line of parts available at reasonable cost.
You can replace the whole main fuselage for $49 including the motor and all
the flight electronics. A wing is $15 and the tail is $9. So, if you crash
badly you can get everything for under $75 and you are back in the with a
three channel plane.

If you are interested I have written up a tips sheet on how to fix the

Here is a review of the Aerobird ... icleid=853
On these pages you will find Videos of the Aerobird in flight

With 50+ flights on the Aerobird, I fly in 15 MPH winds and fly with great
confidence. Personally I am amazed that the plane still flies, but it flies
great! I love it and have recommended it to many friends who fly them now as
well. They all learned very quickly!

From Electric Park Flyer to Glider


The Spirit Select is completely assembled with all the electronics installed.
It includes a 72 MHZ single stick radio. This is very easy to use and is very
similar in look and fell similar to the Aerobird's radio so I picked it right
up and flew. It is branded Hobbico, but it is really a Hitec radio.

Here is a link to the site where I purchased it for $139 complete! ... VK55**&P=7

Here is a link to the ARF version where you can find links to two product
reviews. If you want to do some building, the ARF is the route, but for an
extra $40, I got the radio and the plane ready to fly. For me that was

The plane has spoilers built in the wings, but you don't have to enable them.
The Select model does not come with the spoilers enabled but the instructions
tell you how to do it. I will do that soon.

I have about 20 short flights on it as I have been focusing on launching and
landing. However, this plane has a reputation of being a great thermalling
plane. I am looking forward to many long flights.

I would definitely recommend it.

Both planes have been a pleasure. If you are starting out and want to go the
READY-TO-FLY route, consider these two.
Best regards,
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Postby ttkrishna » Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:28 am

How do you launch Spirit

Postby aeajr » Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:37 am

I launch with a hi-start and a winch.
Best regards,
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