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This program is Free Ware. It is a work in progress at this stage. I take no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the program. You are free to use and distribute this program as long as it remains in its original form.


  • Windows 9x, ME, 2000, or XP
  • Microsoft Access 2000 JET drivers (can be download from Microsoft's web site)

NEW VERSION released Aug 14 2005

Updates  from release

  • Added ability to add pictures to models, accessories, transmitters, tools, and pilots
  • Added simple image editor to crop and scale images
  • Added ability to create images to the exact format required for the Futaba 14MZ transmitter
  • Added ability to store model setting from transmitters. Can now backup settings from your 14MZ or JR DataSafe directly into Flight Log and restore them at any time.
  • Added Performance template system. This system allows you to create a group accessories and text entries to log performance of various items. For example, if you are testing a new motor and want to experiment with how much current it draws with different prop and battery combinations, you can setup a template that lets you select a motor, select a battery, select a speed controller, enter the propeller used, and enter the current measured. You can then experiment with different combinations and maintain a record of all your results.
  • A few bugs have been fixed in the reports and other areas. Please see the readme file for a complete list of changes.

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Shawn Lammers