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Black Box and interface ?

Postby Malcolm » Wed Nov 03, 2004 3:21 pm


I am still downloading the software for the first time so I've not tried it yet. I had considered creating a similar program until a friend pointed me here - but with one difference: A black box of electronics that goes into the model and an interface to the software.

This box could record engine temperatures and rpm, volts, amps, rate of volts decline, altitude, aggregated flight times.... and much much more. You get the picture.

The box could be connected to a laptop to "debrief" the model after each flying session. The box could even ban further flying until critical parts were replaced (e.g. clunk tube, NiCads.)!

The box would be set-up initially via the PC interface of course. If such a box existed, with supporting software and interface, I would buy one for each of my models. Am I completely nuts or would anyone else like this too?

By the way I have seven helicopters (nine after Christmas :-) ) and four fixed wing machines.

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Postby slammers » Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:31 am

I originally planned for this as well. I was going to put serial EPROM’s in my battery packs to track charge history. The EPROM would be programmed by my custom computer controlled charger that would read and store all crucial information to and from the battery. I designed it all on paper and even made some PCBs but I got bored and moved on.

I then designed a downlink system to measure rotor speed, receiver battery voltage, engine temperature etc with a 433Mhz RF link to a base receiver/computer. Again, I made a prototype, it worked, got bored, and moved on.

I am an Electrical engineer myself and love gadgets like this. But I can not seem to find the time and enthusiasm to finish these projects. The nice thing about software is I can work on it here and there and still use it. Hardware you have to design from start to finish.

I have contacted a number of the battery charger companies who have serial port outputs from there chargers to work with me to design an interface protocol so flight log can control them. I get a “great Idea” from them, but no support. It would be so much better if I could get Flight Log to program the charger automatically and initiate a charge cycle automatically as it has all the battery details stored. I could initiate a charge cycle and read the entire discharge/charge graphs and store it for future reference. It would be COOL. But I have to make my own charger for this and I do not have time.

If you are anyone else is willing to design some hardware I would be more then happy to integrate it into Flight Log. I would even help on the design side.

And by the way, I have 17 helicopters, 14 planes, 6 cars, and one boat. Beat that :)

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