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Spare Part Nodes

Selecting a Spare Part Node in the tree view will display a complete history of the parts purchases and uses. This again is different depending on the container where you selected the parts.

In the root Spare Part Container, a complete history is shown as seen below. All purchases and all uses are shown regardless of the store or model.


In the Store container only the purchases for that store are shown. The usage history is omitted. As sample is shown below:


Likewise, in the aircraft container, only the usage history is shown as seen below:

Double clicking on any part history record will bring up the properties for that record. Alternatively, you can right click on the record and select "Properties" from the popup menu.

The property sheet displayed depends on the type of record. If the record is a purchase record then the "Purchase Parts" window will be displayed for the order where those parts were made.

If the record was a "Use" record then the maintenance log from where the use originated will be displayed.

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